Dynamite Shakariki Circus / Rec.

Mar 〜 April/ 2015

Dynamite Shakariki Circus
An encounter in copy band “ABBEof ABBA of the elder brother, Mr. ABE.

My suitcase which I left on the Shinkansen to Osaka has gone to Fukuoka.
I was troubled with stage clothes.
There is such a memory.
The flow goes to a pre-production and the recording.

(The left)Mr. SugiHe is good at a keyboard. Stop him…kidding. Teach me.
(The Right)Mr. KwaniPlease enjoy his charm in a concert.

(The Left)Mr. Maka. He is a friend in the band of Miss micco and Mr.Odagiri Joe.
(The Right)Mr. Nao. In qpsHe sings “Toilet California” of his songwriting.
Is the sound of the word “restroom California” good?

And the drummer is Mr. notch.

Miss Yuki & Miss Taro
And Mr. kwanithe strong Shaba-Daba world of Shakariki three…
↑Please come by all means.

For shuch a feeling?

Personally, I produce a personal work personally.

(to be continued